Questions about our wood fireplace mantels shelves

Questions about our wood fireplace mantels shelves

The importance of a fireplace mantel in a home cannot be overemphasized. If you’re looking to get one, here’s everything you need to know about them.

  1. How wide should a fireplace mantel shelf be?

While there is no specific rule or standard dimensions for a fireplace mantel shelf, there are things that you ought to keep in mind.

  • The fireplace mantel should not be so wide such that it touches other parts of the room like the doors, windows, or walls. There must be adequate space on both sides of the mantel shelf.
  • It should not go less than 3 inches beyond the firebox opening. This means that it ought to extend at least 3 inches beyond the opening.
  • Your mantel shelf should neither be too large nor too small in comparison to the fireplace. The mantel shelf is supposed to complement the fireplace region and the entire room. If it’s too large or too small, the room might have an overcrowded appearance.
  • Every region has its own codes. Therefore, you should make sure to find out what the recommended minimum distance between the fireplace itself and the mantel shelf is in your locality.

On a general basis though, the one thing that determines the width of your fireplace mantel shelf to a large extent is the fireplace itself. Here’s how it works

  • Measure the width from the fireplace to those parts
  • Also, measure out the width of the mantel shelf.
  • Half the width of the mantel shelf must be less than the width of the fireplace to the windows and other parts. This is because a mantel should never be in contact with a door frame or windowsills or walls. For example, a fireplace with a width of 36 inches should have a mantel shelf of about 48 inches. Half the width of the mantel shelf (24 inches) is less than the width of the fireplace – 36 inches.

  1. What can I put on my fireplace mantel?

You do not only get to place items on the mantel. You get to decorate the mantel while at it. Shield the room from smoke, use it to de-clutter the room, and in the same vein, decorate the room? Definitely a win-win situation. You can put just about anything on your fireplace mantel. Let’s take a quick run through them.

  • Picture frames: Fireplace mantels are often the main point of attraction in rooms where they are in. What better spot could you use to show off those pictures than the mantel? Your picture frames belong there.
  • Vases: A beautiful vase with even more beautiful flowers is just what your fireplace mantel needs.
  • Books: You could simply place your current read on the mantel for easy access.
  • Clocks: A fireplace mantel is the focal point of the room, remember? Place a clock on it and easily look to it for the time.
  • Artworks, statues, candle holders, candlesticks, mirrors, and ceramics are also great items to place on your fireplace mantel.

There is really no rule that dictates what you can and cannot put on your fireplace mantel. Just make a statement with it so that its overall aesthetics remains appealing.

  1. What is a Mantel Shelf?

A mantel shelf is simply the shelf right above the fireplace, forming a part of the mantel. You could also refer to it as a chimney piece or as a mantelpiece. Originally, the picture that comes to mind when the word ‘mantel shelf’ is seen or heard is simply that of a fire protective hood. However, things have changed now, and mantel shelves have evolved over time.

It is now more of the framework used to decorate areas around a fireplace. In some cases, a mantel shelf could even extend all the way up to the ceiling. Basically, as the concept has evolved, mantel shelves are now being used to give whatever room they are in a unique statement whilst also serving its primary purpose.

  1. How close can reclaimed wood mantels be to a fireplace?

Of course, this ought to be a major concern. Wood is a combustible material after all and wooden materials should not come in close contact with any source of fire. This is because combustible materials such as wood always radiate heat to every part of the mantel. From the sides to above the fireplace, towards the floor, and to the front of the firebox.

This does not mean you have to totally strike out a wood mantel from the equation. There are safety guidelines that dictate how close or not a wood mantel can be to a fireplace. While each locality has its own codes and measurements for fire safety, the National Fire Code states that:

  • As a combustible material, a wood mantel must be kept at least six inches from the fireplace.
  • For every 1/8 inch of a piece of the mantel that extends along the side of the fireplace, an additional 1-inch clearance from the fireplace opening is required.
  1. How high should a mantel be above a wood burner?

As wood is a combustible material, a mantel needs to be placed at least three times inches above the diameter of the burner’s flue. If it is a 5-inch flue, then the mantel must be nothing less than 15 inches away.

  1. What’s the purpose of custom fireplace mantels?

The sole purpose of a fireplace mantel is to frame the fireplace opening such that smoke does not get to enter a room. This way, occupants in the room get to stay warm without bothering about the possibility of being choked with smoke.

  1. How far should a TV be mounted above a fireplace?

This depends on how high your mantel is. However, it is ideal that a TV is mounted about 4-12 inches above a fireplace. For example, if you have a mantel that’s more than 4ft. high, then the TV should not be mounted higher than 6 inches above the fireplace. If it’s less than 4ft. high, then mount the TV around 12 inches above the fireplace.

  1. Can I put my TV above my fireplace?

Well, of course, you can. You get to save space and hide all the wires. You should, however, keep certain things in mind.

  • Mounting a TV above your fireplace means you would have to always look up to view the TV. You could, however, use a tilting TV bracket to adjust the angle of the TV.
  1. How high should a mantel be above a gas fireplace?

For a gas fireplace, as much as 36 inches combustible clearance might be required. Ideally, though, a mantel that is only 6 inches wide ought to be positioned 4 inches above the gas fireplace.

  1. should a mantel be above a gas fireplace?

For a gas fireplace, as much as 36 inches combustible clearance might be required. Ideally, though, a mantel that is only 6 inches wide ought to be positioned 4 inches above the gas fireplace.

  1. Does heat from fireplace damage TV?

Yes, heat from the fireplace is very well capable of damaging a television set. The damage could take various forms:

  • Many televisions work best in a room that has a low temperature. The heat from a fireplace spreads out to the rest of the room and could affect the functioning and lifespan of the TV
  • Televisions and electronics generally do not get along with smoke. The smoke could cause there to be a hazy film over the TV screen and then negatively affect your viewing experience.
  1. How do you decorate a fireplace mantel?

You can spice up your fireplace mantel by

  • Starting with a clean slate

Remove everything from the mantel so that it becomes a blank slate and it becomes easy for you to know what you are working with.

  • Putting together objects and items that have similar colors

From antiques to vases to frames to artworks to statues, collect those objects that have very similar colors. This is to ensure that everything goes well together. If you want to work with artwork or a painting, then you should first choose a color from the piece that has the most similar color as the other objects you intend to include.

  • Grounding the space

This simply means placing an object that takes up a substantial amount of space. It could be a mirror or a large piece of art. You may either place this object directly on the mantel or just hang it over the mantel.

  • Creating different heights

Having objects that have exactly or close to the same height might turn out to be boring. Play with different heights. You can use tall vases, books, boxes to achieve this.

  • Spicing it up with some life

Adding flowers or plants to a fireplace mantel could be all the difference that it needs. There are so many pretty flowers and plants to choose from!

All your likely fireplace mantle questions have been answered and so, you are well on your way to.