Reclaimed, Hand-hew, New Mantels Made To Look Old

Hand Hewn Wood Mantels

Hand hewn is a technique used centuries ago, when the people didn’t have machines to process the wood, we bring those attributes to give a beautiful and unique look to our wooden mantels.

Distressed Wood Fireplace Mantel

At Wood Touch, we distress new wood to make it look old. A well decorated reclaimed wood mantel can also serve as a great place to showcase the seasons or recent family celebrations in photos, however, wooden mantels are considered the best of all types of homes, especially period style homes. They are characteristic of a time when families spend a large among of time sitting around the fire in the evenings.

Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantels 

A rustic wood mantel shelf can become a great stage for decorating in your home. In most homes, the fireplace is at center stage in the living room area, den, or master bedroom. And because it is at center stage it becomes a great place to flex your decorating muscle. Most fireplace mantels have a wooden mantel shelf over them that provide ample space for all kinds of items.

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels

Reclaimed wood fireplace mantels can be made from a wide range of wooden materials.

These include barn beams, timber, box beams and more for making the solid structure attractive.

Often, reclaimed wood mantels are given an antique finishing.

The precision of swinging of the axe of workmanship is incorporated for designing and creating it.

This is well preserved in barn beams that can be used as reclaimed wood fireplace mantels. 

The reclaimed fireplace Mantels narrates a verse from the early days’ story of America.

Our artisans create the beams using broad axe and preserve their special signatures.

For example, Rough Sawn beams make refined reclaimed wood fireplace mantel with circular saw marks.

This was originally milled many centuries ago. Another example is the Faux Wood Box Beams. This is an awesome option especially when there is weight problem. A reclaimed wood fireplace mantel adds beauty and warmth to every home.

Other Reclaimed Wood Mantles

High quality recycled wood can be used as reclaimed wood for constructing Reclaimed Wood Mantels. The various sources of these woods include Factories, Retired ships, Stock farms, Warehouses and Wine casts. Recycling woods from the above sources saves trees, forests and environment.

Here is no doubt that a reclaimed wood mantels are the heart of a room. Whether the wood mantel is there for practical purposes or simply for effect, you will want to ensure that the area immediately surrounding the space is looking it’s the best because all your visitors will be paying extra interest to the area. Hence, the best way of ensuring: it looks the best is to install a rustic wood fireplace mantelpiece.

However, any renovation to a fireplace requires a suitable wood mantel piece to complement the fire. Whether you settle for a plain wooden mantel, a carved focal point or rendered finish to blend in with the rest of your decor, the mantle surrounds the fire and sets the one for your room

Our wooden mantelpieces have been given severe treatment, which makes them popular with several home innovators. The dark, intricately carved mantel is a throwback to old English home. They are cost-effective, versatile and are readily obtainable.

Several people enjoy the fresh smell of a wood burning fire in a fireplace whenever its winter months. The wood fireplace mantels enhance the beauty of the home and if you can install a customized mantle, you’ll be able to use decorative pieces of work which will be cherished by many people for a long period of time.

A customized wood fireplace mantel implies that you have chosen a unique design which no other person would have. Things which can be customized include the style, design as well as finish. For several years, we have specialized in building fireplace mantles to meet the specification as well as pockets of every client.  

Our fireplace wood mantels are crafted at a faster rate while achieving different designs. The custom fireplace mantels are also designed based on the shape and construction of the home so that the aesthetics of the home won’t be affected. The service we provide ranges from simple mantle shelf to an elaborate pedestal mantel encompassing an entire wall.