Wood Beams Reclaimed and Barn look Ceiling Beams For Sale in NJ

Wood Touch LLC carries a big selection wood hollow beams styles using locally source rustic wood.

that keeps the reclaimed and barn look.

Our real wood ceiling beams are hollowed out for easy installation and lightweight.

They can be made to any size up to 25’ long. In many different styles like new distressed to look old and reclaimed, wire brushed, hand hewn and smooth finish.

We offer installation in the tri-state area for an extra charge.

How to find out the wood beam sizes for my ceiling?

To find out the length of the beams needed for your room is very simple, all you need to know is the total length of the room and add 6” to 12” that way you can cut it to the exact dimensions when you are performing the installation.

How far apart should ceiling beams be?

This is a personal decision, but we recommend a spacing of 2 to 6 feet for the ceiling beams depending on the style, shape, and size of the room. Usually, standard size for the beams is 6”X 6” or 8”X 8”, but of course, we can make it to any dimensions desired by the client.

How can I install my wood ceiling beams?

Steps to install your ceiling beams.

  • The first and most important step is making a sketch on the ceiling of how you want the beams installed. You can do this with painters’ tape that way you can play with it and locate it wherever you prefer.
  • The second step is to find out the length of every beam according to the sketch.
  • The third step is cutting the ceiling beam to the right length, refer to step one.
  • Find out the rafter’s location, that way you can attach the beams to them for the right support

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Find ideas and inspiration for wood boxed ceiling beams to add to your own home

Wood Touch offers a new architectural dimension within an environmentally friendly approach. Thanks to a reduced production time and substantial material savings.

Our wood ceiling beams meet the economic requirements of your projects. Whether you are looking for reclaimed wood or custom cut timbers, we can meet the architectural and design needs of your building project with our beautiful wood beams. Choose from a wide variety of species, sizes, shapes and styles.

They can be used to make a room larger or smaller than it is. If you have a long room, using exposed beams crosswise can make the space appear less like a hallway. Additionally, you can use these wood beams to visually lower your vaulted ceiling. Wood Touch provides wood ceiling beams in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.