Floating Wood Shelves, bookshelves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island NY

Our solid wood shelves are made using some of the finest and highest quality hard wood materials including red oak, cherry wood, white oak, hard pine wood wormy maple wood, black walnut wood and more.


Floating wood shelves are our specialty! With many styles, types of wood and sizes to choose from, we have just the shelf to match your home, office or camp’s decor, here at Wood Touch.

We offer you a wide range of floating wood shelves designs for your home, ranging from thin sleek to intricate design along the edges.

Made from the finest of woods, our wooden shelves are not only functional, they are also beautiful. Our stylish shelves serve as a space saver that adds contemporary or traditional storage to your room. However, if it’s properly installed, the shelve can hold plenty of weight and you can use metal brackets for support.

Our wooden shelves create a clean room, adapting to any style with elegance and subtlety.

Our floating shelves can be created to any length and width you wish. We offer a large assortment of wood materials and finishes to choose from. The wood shelves can be painted to match the room’s color palette. As with all products we create, our precise crafting expertise ensures that every finished product is its own work of art.

Would you like to take a closer look before committing to a full order, why not take advantage of our galley sample? Our galley sample will give you an accurate representation of quality used to create the shelves

Feel free to contact our New jersey or New York line if you have any question about our wood book shelves and other custom wood shelving.