Our live edge dining tables are handcrafted using killed and dried American black walnut, cherry, sycamore, spalted or ambrosia maple wood slabs from salvaged trees sourced from mills located across the east coast; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania.

At Wood Touch we select the best pieces making sure they have a unique great parent and the right moisture levels required to obtain a piece of furniture with the less movements possible.

With years of experience we will build you a live edge table to be used and enjoyed.

The process continues at our shop when clients come over to pick their own slab for their future live edge table. We listen carefully to our clients to ensure we bring to their home their dreamed dining table.

Understanding our client desires, is the key transform a wood slab to a real piece of art, the wood stand up for many years to come.

How do we make the tables from scratch?

The first step is accommodating the wood slabs shape so they can be cut to size and the last chance we have to make sure we are going to be able to accomplish a one of a kind table.

Filling up every single splits and cracks on the wood slabs could be tedious but we can’t avoid this step.

After taking care of cracks and splits we get our mind ready for long sanding journey that could take days in order to meet the surface ready so finish can be applied. 

Attaching the live edge table to one of our different base metal styles chosen by the customer at the beginning of the process is the last step at the shop.

We offer deliveries to all New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York City, PA, Connecticut & Long Island or you can pick it up yourself.

From the minute you choose your piece of wood, we will suggest you every possible leg style texture shape resin fill ups and color that can elevate the beauty of your piece

The elegance of our custom live edge table will give an even more unique look to your home and offices while adding charm and warmth to the valuable moments spent with friends, family and colleagues.

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Purchasing a custom table made of natural live edge wood can be daunting unless you understand what live edge wood is and how it changes your decor, you might end up buying the wrong ones.

At Wood Touch, our live edge tables are designed and fabricated after discussions with each customer. These discussions are informative, collaborative, instructive and fun. Typically, the customers provide a general indication of size, wooden species, legs choice, as well butterflies and other details.

Our finishing process is focused on bringing out the timeless beauty of the wood grain and color that are found in the wood itself. You may also want to pair our natural edge table with any unique base design, you may select from our contemporary, rustic, modern, farm or industrial base style.

Cherry wood slab tables

Cherry also known as American Black Cherry grows in North America. These deciduous Cherry trees grow to an average height of 80ft (24m). Sometimes, it can reach up to 100 ft (30m). The tall trunk is about 24inches (61cm) in diameter. Although Cherry trees can live up to 100 years, those are felled when 50-90 years. This is due to susceptible trunk rotting. Cherry hardwood is fine with straight grains that range from reddish-brown to blond color.


The natural coloring of Cherry hardwood ranges from reddish-brown to golden.

The freshly cut Cherry hardwood is always paler in color than matured finished live edge tables. Over time, due to oxidization the coloring of Cherry hardwood furniture become darker brown-red color.

The narrow sapwood is yellowish to reddish colored. Meanwhile, the heartwood is yellowish to light red-brown color. The Cherry hardwood has moderate texture composed of fine grains that are straight, uniform, and smooth. This suitable texture of Cherry hardwood allows craft person to easily create live edge table. First of all the table has to be constructed before sanding sealer or gel-based staining. 

Cherry hardwood is a moderately durable wood. The heartwood is resistant to rotting and decaying. Also, Cherry hardwood is moderately strong with medium ability to shock resistance. Cherry hardwood can be easily cut, carve and mold. It is considered very flexible since lots of things can be made using it as raw material.

The durability of Cherry hardwood is of medium density allowing easy bending and low stiffness. Typically, Cherry tree has very fine pore structures almost all year around. However, in spring the pores become slightly larger. As a result, the Cherry hardwood gets neat formation of various rings.

All of the above characteristics of Cherry hardwood make those the most sought after raw material.

White Oak Waney Tables

Oak trees exist in about 600 species as both deciduous and evergreen trees. Of these, around 90 species are grown in North America. The evergreen Oaks do not have any impact with the seasonal changes.

Over the past several decades, Oak hardwood has been used for making furniture. Other uses include constructing buildings, ships, and others. In general, Oak takes Oak takes 150 years to grow fully and be used for construction. 


Oak hardwood is naturally available in many attractive light colors. These different shades of Oak hardwoods depend on the coloring of various trees and branches. Oak hardwood naturally comprises of several minute grains.

After oil polishing the Oak, the unique appearance and texture of the hardwood becomes prominently visible. This is one special feature that artists like about using Oak hardwood for making live edge tables.

Oak hardwoods come in varying textures that vary from hard and rough to smooth. This texture again depends on the making of the Oak hardwood and its finishing. As a raw material, Oak hardwood is extremely strong, heavy and durable.

The strong and heavy density of the Oak hardwood protects from any fungal attack. As a result, the live Oak tree has a long life of over 100 years. These days, Oak trees that naturally fall are used for manufacturing furniture and other items.

The durability of Oak hardwood can be measured to 1,290 as per Janka scale making it suitable for manufacturing live edge tables. The Oak hardwood can be easily milled, made into live edge table and polished.


Wipe the entire live edge table with a damp cloth. This process removes all dust and food particles.

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Get some ideas of our live edge tables and let us know how you want your handmade table customized.