American Black Walnut Live Edge Tables Crafted in New Jersey

American Black Walnut Wood grows in the eastern region of North America. The two different components of Walnut wood include the outer sapwood and the inner heartwood. Walnut sapwood has creamy white color. Meanwhile, Walnut heartwood has golden brown to dark brown color. The natural dark brown of Black Walnut does not need any artificial coloring.   

American Black Walnut Slabs are available in straight fine grains and patterns. These include swirls, waves, wood knots, burls and curls. American Black Walnut is ideal for making live edge tables. This is because the wood has unique natural grains and organic characteristics. The wood is durable, dense, easy-to-manufacture and easy-to-maintain. Durability of American Black Walnut is 1,010 measured in Janka scale meaning it can be easily milled. The wood is moderately dense making it shock resistant protecting from wear-and-tear from daily use. American Black Wood live tables can be well maintained and age over time. 

Manufacturing The Tables

The characteristic features of American Black Walnut allow manufacturers to easily create live edge tables. After milling, American Black Walnut timbres are well polished before constructing any furniture. We use both hand and machine tools along with  glue. Often, finished live edge tables are undercoated with clear finish coat. These layers on table provide improved protection from moderate heat, moisture, and/or spills than varnishes.   


Clean the surface of the American Black Walnut live edge table with slightly damp lint-free cloth. This would remove any dust or food particles that may have accumulated over the day. In case there is any minor scratch, polish with suitable wax. Always place the American Black Walnut live edge tables away from direct sunlight. Do not expose to continuous moisture or high temperature since those cause change in colorization. 

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