Custom wood restaurant tables in New York City & New Jersey

Custom wood restaurant tables. Our wood restaurant tables are custom hand-made using traditional techniques that make them unique and beautiful, our solid wood restaurant tables can be made to any dimension color and type of wood.

At Wood Touch LLC we use only the best hardwoods to guaranty quality and resistance, we work we restaurants, coffee shops or bistro in New York City, New Jersey, Long Island NY, Brooklyn NY and Connecticut helping them with design ideas and wooden options.

Solid Wood Restaurant Tables Gallery 

Our American craft Made tops are available in a variety of woods and finishes including oak, pine, black walnut reclaimed wood, wood slabs etc., and can be ordered in sizes that meet your needs.

Your Restaurant, Coffee shop, Office or Bistro deserves the Best Wood Tables

At Wood Touch, making top class solid wood restaurant tables, high-quality and durable is our passion. We have lots of exclusive coffee tables made by some of the best carpenters you can find in the industry. Our team of highly skilled, creative craftsmen, and wood restaurant table makers keep on working hard every day to deliver outstanding, first-class quality and exclusive products.

Live edge Styles

we do not believe in “almost”. Why should you settle for less when you can get the best? Our solid wood tables are made from high-quality wooden materials. You can rest assured that these custom wood restaurant tables, will serve you for an extended period. They are built to last.

Why You Should Patronize Us for Your Solid Wood Restaurant Tables

Solid wood tables offer you an incredible opportunity to transform the appearance of your Restaurant living space, kitchen, room, office, etc. Wood Touch is always ready to provide you with outdoor and indoor tables made of nice, durable, solid wood. In your quest for bargain home furnishings, you are likely to end up with poor-quality products. Some of the reasons why you should patronize us for your solid wood tables include:

  • Gorgeous Natural Look

Apart from the fact that our custom restaurant tables are made with durable hardwood, they also feature beautiful pattern and lines. They will look naturally beautiful. Please your guest and visitors today with a solid wood table from having beautiful pattern and lines.

  • Durable, Strong, and Resilient

We do not compromise on quality. Our custom restaurant tables are made from hardwood that are naturally strong. Even if you use your solid wood tables constantly, they will not be affected if you take the proper care.

  • Outstanding Decor

Being unique and excellent naturally, our custom restaurant tables, are outstanding as home decor. They will seamlessly fit into your living space and elevate the appearance of your restaurant. These wooden pieces will make a nice center of attraction and outstanding decor in your restaurant, coffee shop or office. They feature an authentic and antique style that will make your visitors admire them.

  • Worthy Investment

In addition, our solid wood tables restaurant tables come at a relatively good price, no even if you are looking for custom made designs, we are always ready to tailor our services to suit your budget and requirements. Our custom wood restaurant tables will make a long-lasting and smart investment. They are a one-and-done investment you’ll never regret. We are always ready to offer you quality, beauty, and comfort, all at once.

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