Reclaimed Barn Wood Decor
Siding Wall Paneling Ready To Install Beautiful Colors.

Reclaimed barn wood siding with ship lap paneling, circular saw marks, ready to install, beautiful natural gray colors that would change the whole look of your leaving, family room, basement or even ceilings. Prices is by the square foot. Price $6 SQF.

Wood Circular shiplap Wood siding natural color $4.50 by SQFT

Barn wood siding $6 by SQFT

Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding in NJ

Reclaimed wood can be scavenged from recycled barns across the US.

Each of these structures is unique adding to the center piece of the conversation.  The Reclaimed Wood fireplace Mantels is always custom made to best-fit at customer home.  The required length is carved while the surface is de-nailed. It is treated for insects and dried in kiln.

These procedures ensure the durability and sustainability of the reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood from barn beam is always unique along with special features like bold, heavy, smooth sides and more. 

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Reclaimed barn wood siding or new wood for rustic decor wall paneling for New Jersey Homes, Get in touch today, best prices in New Jersey, New York.