Black Walnut Lumber: The Advantages You Should Know

Black walnut wood is a hardwood with a variable grain. The color of the lumber is distinctive and the wood can be used for intricate carving. Walnut wood has a rich, dark brown color and gives cabinets, kitchen accessories, flooring, and gun-stocks their unique look and feel. With black walnut, you can even create an antique-style mantel or dining table. After you finish oiling or putting a clear coating on it, the color will jump out and make the room appear plush and luxurious.

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In the US, black walnut lumber is highly coveted and you should opt just for a reliable supplier, who ensures you get nothing but the best. Of course, black walnut is expensive compared to other types of wood but you are paying for quality and durability. Once you see the finished appearance of the wood, you will not think of the cost. Instead, you will be marveling at how the furniture or flooring has elevated your home. It will add value to your home, something that you will love when the time comes to sell.




Advantages of Black Walnut Tree Wood

The lustrous patina that black walnut develops over the years enhances the look of the wood. If you find black walnut wood lumber for sale, you should invest in it without a second thought; you will love the quality, aesthetics, and durability of the wood.

Here are some of the advantages of black walnut lumber:

Durability: As a hardwood, black walnut is perfect for floors. You do not have to worry about the wood warping or rotting when you mop it or spill water on it. Also, the wood is resistant to wood-boring insects and chipping. So, in the long run, it helps to extend the life of the flooring, thereby saving you money.

Visual Appeal: Black walnut color ranges from creamy and yellow to luscious chocolate brown. The wood procured from the outer portion of the tree is lighter in color while the wood from the heart of the tree is dark in color. So, you can go for multiple hues and at the same time let the wood grain stand out. You can easily adjust the color of black walnut wood lumber in New Jersey with the help of staining as the wood is easy to stain.

Easy Installation: If you are using black walnut wood for your flooring, you will find that the lumber is easy to install. However, you cannot undertake a DIY project. Instead, get an experienced floor installer and you will find that the professional completes the task without any delay.

In Conclusion

While there are different species of hardwood, black walnut wood lumber in New Jersey is unmatched. Not only is the lumber spellbinding but it is resilient, versatile, and long-lasting. When you use black walnut in your home, it will up its resale value while allowing you to make a statement about your taste and personality. What more could you ask for?


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