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How to Light Your Pergola?

The pergolas, this additional space that gives the opportunity to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, allows you to lounge, or spend pleasant moments with family and loved ones. This is why its lighting must be perfect, especially to accompany convivial evenings organized around a barbecue, or a good meal with guests. There are many possibilities, but it remains to be seen how to do well in this very special arrangement.

How to Attach Lights to Pergolas?

Here are given some steps to Attach Lights to Pergolas:

  • The Choice of Lighting
  • The Classicism of the Ceiling Lamp, Always Trendy
  • The variants

The Choice of Lighting

This choice must be motivated by the needs of the occupants. Outdoor lighting with LEDs provides pleasant brightness, while this type of lamp is really less energy-consuming. They, therefore, save energy consumption.

Furthermore, LEDs do not heat up, so they are not dangerous and do not damage the structure of the installations. Solar lights are another alternative that also has considerable advantages in terms of energy saving and sustainability.

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The Classicism of the Ceiling Lamp, Always Trendy

The ceiling light is the most widely used solution. Ideally installed, it can very well sublimate the pergola. To obtain the desired light intensity, you have to choose the number of lamps to put in place. They must be well-spaced so that everything is uniform.

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The Variants

Particularly for fabric pergolas, the lighting system should be integrated. The same applies to bioclimatic pergolas which can carry the lamps on the adjustable slats, or on the frames. In both of these cases, LEDs are preferable.

Different Effects Depend on the Type of Lighting

  • For natural white light, or overhead, you have to opt for 4800 K LEDs.
  • To obtain a bluish, or very cold, light, the LED to be used must have a lighting temperature of around 7,000 K.
  • To create a beautiful decorative effect resembling candlelight, opt for 1900K LEDs.
  • In order to project shade within the pergola, as if it is the lighting of the full moon, it is necessary to opt for projectors that will be hung above a structure, such as vegetation by example.
  • Hanging lighting, such as a lantern, works well in a dining area.
  • To highlight the pergola and especially to create a festive atmosphere, it is necessary to rely on lighting in the form of a garland.
  • A warm atmosphere is established with ascending lighting recessed into the ground, or installed on a base or on a stake.

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