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Reclaimed Wood Beams Redefining Interior Design in New Jersey

Whether you are renovating your existing residence or want to make the new place an extension of your unique taste, reclaimed Wood Beams Redefining Interior Design in New Jersey is your only option. There has been a significant surge, especially in the home renovation industry in New Jersey. And reclaimed wood is playing a pivotal role in this raise.

These wood beams bring a touch of history and character to your place. You can have a distinctive rustic look with the essential modern interior infusing contemporary designs.

This article will explore deeply the features of reclaimed custom wood in NJ and how it contributes further to the warmth and charm of your house. It also explains the various styles and customization options.


Features of Reclaiming Wood

Compared to new wood, reclaimed wood has more unique and flexible features. It is more eco-friendly, and its recycling positively impacts the environment.

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The texture, the rustic color, the grain flow, and the knots tell you the tales of the past and reflect your ambiance as per the contemporary styles. It assists you in having a natural patina and unique look that hails from centuries-old eras.

Sustainable and eco-friendly: the recycling element of reclaiming wood helps to avoid deforestation and also causes minimum wastage.

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Sturdiness:The durability and high quality make this wood the best option in home construction and create more sturdy interior designs that can withstand for years.

Stable:the years of weather effects have helped this wood stay longer. It has undergone years of seasonal changes. It has less chance to shrink or expand due to the less moisture content.

Versatile: it can be used for multiple options, from types of furniture to decoring fire mental shelves and decorative wood ceiling beams.


Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Beams

The foremost benefit is that you can utilize it efficiently according to your space and design. You can cut and shape to get the desired end product with minimal wastage integrating with your interior. This material gives a peculiar, innovative style, ranging from rustic, natural, and traditional to sleek.

Furthermore, the hollow wood beams serve you both aesthetically and functionally, truly one of a unique kind. You can easily incorporate a sound system, lighting, and other accessories of your choice and comfort.


The Styles of Reclaimed Wood Beams

Several styles of reclaimed wood beams allow customers to choose as per their taste and decor. People in New Jersey focus on hollow beams as these assist them in going for more decor details. Furthermore, some other types and designs help you in your indoors.

Rough-sawn beams: have a rough texture and surface as they are obtained directly from the tree using the saw.

Circle-sawn beams: these are smoothly cut with a rounded saw to create a distinctive style and appearance.

Hand-hewn beams: this type is a true specimen of craftsmanship and functionality with a distinctive rustic hew.

Resawn beams: these are cut carefully and have a smoother surface compared to other types. However, its wooden appearance and coolness are kept intact.

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Personalized and Customization Options

Selecting the wood species, color, and texture according to your interior to get a harmonized look at your living area attracts everyone in New

Jersey. Choosing the number of knots and length can also be personalized due to your area’s space requirement. Whether you want a modern or rustic look or a traditional or natural appearance all depends on the shape and design of the beam you choose.

Wood type: from oak to cherry, from American black walnut, English Walnut, to Sycamore, Ambrosia/Spalted maple, your tates decide your final selection.

Texture and color: many people use neutral colors like black, see-through black, and ocean blues. Other people go with more colors like epoxy resin color, etc.

Rough rustic or smooth surface: it is your requirement that define if you need a sand down surface or a rough natural look. It all depends on your aesthetic.

Accessories integration: adding customized features to your area along with sound, lighting and other accessories. You can incorporate directly to the hollow beams.


A Comprehensive Integrating To Your Home’s Interior and Exterior Designs

The reclaimed wood beam is fantastically flexible and it versatility allow you to easily configure your ceiling beam design with rest of you area. You can design from your traditional farm houses to even small living area. Reclaimed hollow wood allow you to the maximum rustic or sleek look.

The Ending Notes

Wood Touch LLC carries all the wood types, colors and customization necessary for your home. Our expert fully aware of the tools and techniques offers you services from selection till generating new ideas as per your area’s space and aesthetics. They know the beam lengths, texture and surface suits to your place.