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All About the Custom Table Legs

Sometimes forgotten, the table leg is nevertheless an essential element for the decoration of your home. It plays a major role in the arrangement of your table, itself essential for the layout of your living room. There is also a wide range of custom table legs on the market. So why deny yourself such an opportunity?

Why Buy Custom Table Legs?

Who does not want to improve the layout of their home in a simple and practical way? With the purchase of custom table legs, your dreams will finally come true. This solution allows you to diversify the decoration of your home while combining the practical aspect since it is also an excellent way to support a table.

From a decorative perspective, the table leg allows you to let your imagination run wild. This equipment can thus give life to custom-made furniture, which only exists in your home.

You will be able to create aesthetic and personalized spaces, such as an office or a living room for example. The adaptability of the table leg also makes it possible to create many styles of furniture, which meet the needs of the person. For example, a dining table but also low and high tables.

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Table Leg: The Different Models

There is an enriched range of table legs on the market, even if not all providers are equal. For example, Wood Touch LLC is renowned for high-quality table legs. The models offered are diverse and varied, with Custom metal table legs, accessible at relatively affordable prices.

There are also feet for benches or steel tables which are classified in an intermediate price range. Finally, the central table leg is the most upscale accessory and will be suitable for people who have great ambitions for decorating their homes.

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How to Choose Your Table Leg According to the Trends?

At first glance, you think that a table leg is necessarily straight. However, there are a multitude of table leg designs that can give an original decorative touch to your furniture, or even to your room.

In recent years, hairpin legs have been in vogue and are suitable for several decorative universes such as the Scandinavian style. Other types of feet are also very popular: star feet, square feet, or cross feet.

But how do you choose the shape of your table legs? You just need to be based on the overall universe of your room and on the style, you want to give it, to choose the right table leg.

What Size Should You Choose for Your Table Legs?

When choosing new legs for your table, it is important to pay attention to the size of the legs! Indeed, it would be inconceivable to have a dining table that is too low or a coffee table that is too high. Here are the basics of standard sizes for a table leg depending on its use:

  • Coffee table and bench leg: 15.75 inches high
  • Dining table leg: 28 inches high
  • Console leg and high table: 35.4 inches high
  • Table leg called “eats upright”: 43.31 inches high

You now know more about the purchase of your future custom table legs!