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Easy Installation: Choosing Wood Beams for Your Home in NJ

Your home is not simply a grey structure but a canvas to create memories and life stories. Choosing wood beams for your NJ homes brings warmth and a personal touch to your place. In addition to the cozy effects, it boosts your home’s modern and chic style.

However, when it comes to installation, many questions pop up in your mind, from the methods of easy installation, DIY or expert artisans, to types of wood and different styles of wood beams. This guide will help you to examine both alternatives and make the ultimate choice for your home.

Advantages Of Wood Beam

The wood beam adds long-lasting beauty and durability to the interior and exterior of your home. These are sturdy enough to bear a substantial load without compromising the structural loads. It also gives a spacious look to your structure.

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Selecting Between Professional Or Diy Installation

Although the DIY method proves to be the most economical and self-satisfying, leaving a sense of accomplishment on your part. However, it is time-consuming and comes up with extraordinary challenges.

Meanwhile, professionals offer you top-notch, perfect, and effective installations. Wood Touch LLC guarantees you the necessary proficiency. We transform your vision into reality with the perfect implementation of wood type and accurate design. We also create custom sizes and styles closer to your vision.

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Size and Style Customization

The different styles and designs at the woodwork shop are diversified. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all formula. You have the option to select from a variety of styles. You can choose from distressed finish designs that reflect the passage of time, wire-brushed textures that echo modern-day sophistication, or handcrafted finishes that are bespoke works of our artisans.

The standard size beams, i.e. 6” X 6” or 8” X 8”, might satisfy our client’s requirement. However, our custom-size solution allows us to craft wooden beams as long as they meet our customers’ needs.


The Harmonious Style Satisfactions

Wood Touch LLC goes beyond beams, giving your home a complete, harmonious house-to-home transformation. Our team fabricates their skills and knowledge to create mix-and-match ideas for your existing indoor and outdoor settings. We envision a unified design that syncs with your fireplace mantle and shelves. It generates a charming and welcoming home.

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Trendy Wood Beams for Your NJ Home

To satisfy our customers’ needs, we go beyond easy installation. We offer a comprehensive approach to your projects, from selecting wood type to the ultimate finishing’s. We work in various styles, from rustic reclaimed woods to a contemporary, modern, sleek, polished, and wire-brushed finish look, ensuring that it complements your aesthetic desires and existing indoors.

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Ceiling Beams To Add Life and Visualization

The ceiling beam offers your room or living area depth, life, and dimension. It comprehensively completes the architectural elements in transforming your overall atmosphere. Whether you want to give your home a traditional look or modern, sleek decor, ceiling beams can help you carry it to your satisfaction. We use wood, faux wood, or even metal to give a fine finish to your design.


The Charm Of The Eco-Friendly and Rustic Look Of Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed wood beams continue with both sustainability and artistic ambiance. This environmentally friendly option not only carries your unique taste but also reduces the ecological impact. The reproducing factor and weathered appearance convey the love of rich history.


Barnwood For Rustic Farmhouse Style

Barn-style beams are suitable for creating an atmosphere of coziness. It replicates hand-hewn finish and distressed finish woods, exhibiting the craftsmanship and imperfections. It gives you a sense of genuineness and warmth of rustic look.


Rustic Wood: For A Natural and Antique Touch

The natural beauty embodied with rustic wood beams brings nature to your living. The knots, the grain flow, and the imperfections give you a sense of genuineness and warmth of life directly connected to the forest.


The Attractiveness and Lightweight Beam Charm Of Hollow Wood

The hollow wood beams allow you to play with the visual attractiveness of genuine wood and the margins of flexibility for custom-size designs and space requirements. The lightweight beam element allows you to craft any design of your taste, even in smaller spaces. You can also enjoy your DIY part. These give you practical solutions to keeping intact the structural integrity.


Fireproofing and other treatments

Our assured safety measures are the best thing that allows us to stand apart from other wood beam service providers. We religiously comply with all safety standards and regulations. Not only do we provide fireproofing treatment, but also protect your costly wooden crafting from moisture and pests.

The Ending Notes

Join us at Wood Touch LLC for easy installation and to discover the passion for all types of wood beams, from rustic to reclaimed or hollow. Our expert team cherished your aesthetics along with practical solutions and definite treatments.

We work with the most economical and unmatched artistry to keep your unique taste intact.